How Custom Shipping Leads to Customer Satisfaction

Many entrepreneurs are familiar with the saying “the customer is always right”, however in dropshipping, that saying is taken to new heights. With the strong competition that your business faces, just leaving the customer satisfied is often not enough to assure that the customer will return to your online store to make another purchase. This provides incentive to dropshippers that are looking to go the extra mile in the area of customer service to do exactly that, as it will directly translate to an increase in sales.

All too often, we see dropshipping businesses that leave room for improvement in their customer satisfaction department, leaving sales on the table. According to several recent studies, 61% of customers that order from dropshipping businesses make only one purchase, and leave because they are unsatisfied with the quality of their order. Many consumers see a discrepancy between the quality of their purchases from dropshippers as opposed to even other online retailers, and we have found that there is one major cause of this issue - shipping quality. Customers often are influenced most by what they see first, and the packaging of your products will serve as the first impression in this sense.

As items shipped from Chinese sellers like AliExpress are in transit for somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks, the shipping packaging, which starts out at poor quality, is more often than not damaged during the rough sea voyage overseas. When individuals receive a damaged low-quality package, they are likely to perceive the quality of the products inside to be much the same. Custom, domestic shipping is what sets large online businesses like Amazon apart from typical dropshipping businesses. Amazon’s proprietary smile logo packaging represents their brand, and in its quality many people perceive a general high quality of Amazon’s brand, which extends to the products that are shipped.

Amazon's classic branded shipping provides brand recognition and improves perceived quality of products.

Your dropshipping business can benefit from borrowing strategies from top online retailers, and changing your shipping process can be the most beneficial strategy in terms of boosting customer satisfaction and perceived value. VVS Fulfillment provides custom packaging with your brand’s logo, and although it comes at an additional cost, it has the potential to boost sales exponentially through increasing the perceived value of your items. In addition, our service offers domestic shipping, which circumvents the arduous and often destructive shipping process from China, and drastically increases the likelihood that your customers will receive their products in good condition, ultimately giving them a much more satisfying experience, and encouraging them to return to your store to make more purchases in the future. Please reach out to if you are doing 750+ orders per month and are interesting in a pricing quote for your products.


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