Looking for a Dropshipping VA?

Are you becoming overflowed with volumes of orders through your dropshipping business? We have the solution for you:

When your dropshipping business gains some success, it can be elating, but it undoubtedly brings a new set of problems. As dropshippers ourselves, we have first-hand experience of the issues that high order volumes can bring, and we realize that it is simply too much for one person or even a team to handle, especially when it isn’t a full-time occupation. Many dropshippers look to hiring VA’s (virtual assistants) to take care of day-to-day operations for their business as a way to solve the issues that often arise from a rapidly growing online business, but it’s not always the most effective solution.

A Better Alternative

While there are many advantages to using a VA, we know from experience that they fall short in many of the tasks that your business will require. Having another dropshipper handle these tasks not only ensures that they will be handled properly, but also that your business won’t miss out on any opportunities to expand further. Our team of experienced dropshippers can effectively replace the functionality of a VA for a similar price point, while improving dramatically in quality of work over the alternative.

VVS Fulfillment's team can go far beyond the functionalities of a traditional virtual assistant, helping your business continue to expand.

VVS Fulfillment also provides a wide variety of other services that a VA wouldn’t. First of all, we approach your business with the expertise and agency that only another group of dropshippers could bring, and we will implement the strategies with which we found success into your business. We provide unmatched shipping speeds, customer service, and ultimately a level of customer satisfaction that is simply unavailable elsewhere. Things like custom packaging, 2-3 day shipping, custom marketing strategies, and experienced consulting can aid in the development of any online business, giving you a leg up over your competition in only a matter of days. Please reach out to Michael@VVSFulfillment.com if you are doing 750+ orders per month and are interesting in a pricing quote for your products.


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