Marketing to a Modern Audience

Increasing the quantity and value of your sales may be as simple as altering your marketing strategies in order to more effectively target your audience.

Who Purchases Dropshipped Products?

Lots of dropshipping customers belong to a younger demographic that is familiar with technology.

It is no secret in this industry that the individuals who are most likely to purchase products from a dropshipping business belong to the young demographic. The younger generation in today’s society has a much larger grasp on the technological world than many older generations, allowing them access to a wide breadth of new information. For the large part, the youth population has domain over the Internet that allows them access to your business, making them the primary demographic for dropshippers to market to, and understanding how to do this effectively can seriously aid the success of your business.

How Do You Market to This Audience?

The young audience, as you may very well know, are attached to their cellphones. Unlike generations of the past, the youth demographic is much less likely to check their email account on a regular basis than other demographics that more traditional small businesses might market to. Therefore, if you are looking to traditional email marketing strategies to target your demographic for dropshipping, you may be missing the boat on a large number of sales. Instead, text services can be the perfect method to market to a younger audience for your business, replacing the outdated email services used by many, and can give you a leg up on your competitors.

Types of Text Services

There are two major text services that can be used to significantly aid the marketing efficiency, and the results of marketing efforts for dropshippers. At VVS Fulfillment, one of our major focuses is on improving sales for our clients through marketing efforts, which is done most effectively through our use of text services to carry out two major tasks - recovery and upselling.

Text Recovery Services

By using text recovery services, you can bring back many customers that would have otherwise be lost.

Our primary texting service that we provide for clients is that of text recovery. We have a team of staff members that intelligently craft text messages based on the contents of the abandoned cart and your margins for the respective products in order to profitably offer discounts and convert abandoned carts. These text messages are much more likely to be seen by your customers than an email, vastly increasing the likelihood that they will make this purchase before completely forgetting about it. With our current clients, our conversion rate for customers who answer the text messages then making purchases from their abandoned carts is 34%, representing a significant increase in sales for those clients. The availability of this service does depend on the volume of the store, but we are more than happy to consult with any sized business to provide a solution that works for them.

Text Upsell Services

The upselling process can be easily implemented via text services offered by VVS Fulfillment.

Another texting service that VVS Fulfillment is able to provide to our clients is that of text upsell services. Our strategic marketing team is able to engineer text messages based on the contents of your customer's initial order and offer a matching product with a discount to increase the average lifetime value of customers. By using these texts, many of our most successful clients are able to further that success by increasing the amount that their customers spend at their store following their first purchase. This can contribute to the amount of return customers to your store, which is a proven strategy for success in dropshipping, and can increase the average value of each sale, ultimately translating to lots of new revenue for your business.

Take Advantage and Contact Us

We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss how we can work together to use text services to improve the quantity and value of your sales. Please reach out to if you are doing 750+ orders per month and are interesting in a pricing quote for your products, as well as to receive more information about text services and what they might provide for your specific dropshipping business.


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