The State of Online Shopper Delivery Expectations and Actions

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

How to Please Consumers in Today’s Rapidly Evolving E-Commerce Shipping Landscape

What does this mean? Perhaps the most important take away is that shoppers share their experience with family and friends, so make sure to keep your customer happy.

Consumer Expectations for Speed With advancements like Amazon’s same-day delivery already available at market, industry updates have quickly positioned delivery speed as a top contributor to e-commerce success. In 2015, UPS alone delivered 18.3 million packages and documents each day on average, and USPS handles an astounding 47 percent of the world’s mail volume. When managing so many orders over a widely dispersed customer base, retailers must work closely with their chosen carriers to manage expectations around delivery speed.

What is the impact on your store?

According to the study, a third (32 percent) of online shoppers say they would contact customer service when a non-urgent item (for example, household cleaning supplies) arrives even just one day late. As to be expected, the longer past due a package is, the more likely a shopper is to take action. When a non-urgent package arrives three days late, the number of online shoppers who say they would contact customer service increases to 79 percent.

At VVSFulfillment, we offer 1-3 day shipping on all U.S. orders. This greatly reduces the strain on customer services representatives.

Consumer expectations for package tracking.

With the growth of mobile devices and the widespread popularization of technology overall, consumers now anticipate a high level of transparency into their orders throughout the entire supply chain, fulfillment and delivery processes. In addition to how fast a package arrives and in what condition, the survey found that package tracking is a top e-commerce demand for all online shoppers. This desire holds true for how frequently online shoppers wish to access order information, how up-to-date they desire information to be, and how they can go about accessing information.


In the face of elevated consumer expectations for e-commerce, many retailers are finding they lack the basic infrastructure and expertise to master routine delivery operations. Likewise, these companies do not have the resources to increase their parcel shipping capabilities or improve delivery practices alone. Over time, this has caused delivery speed, condition and tracking capabilities to fall below shoppers’ expectations.

Moving forward, retailers can work with a logistics company to improve delivery (we suggest VVSFulfillment). By creating clear strategies that exceed shoppers’ expectations for delivery speed, condition and tracking, retailers can more easily build trust with online consumers and solidify a reliable reputation in an otherwise overcrowded marketplace.

At VVSFulfillment we limit the number of physical touches a package endures, translating into less damage, fewer miss-sorts and more reliable domestic delivery timelines. No parcel is jeopardized by an ineffective or unnecessarily cumbersome delivery strategy. Our existing delivery strategies and networks boost shipping speed as well. Day to day, companies can perform with the confidence to get online orders to shoppers on time or ahead of time. This holds true domestically, as well as internationally. Also, at VVSFulfillment our past and future investments in top-notch tracking technologies have, and will continue to allow consumers to adequately monitor their orders at any desired frequency. With a single barcode, shoppers can immediately obtain door-to-door tracking updates and know where their orders are every step of the way. Likewise, e-commerce retailers can use the same barcode to send email communications, schedule pick-ups and develop customizable delivery reports to more effectively communicate interact with customers. All of this is done in the most economical way possible, with retailers earning lower prices for an improved delivery experience.

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