The Secret to Return Customers Many Dropshippers Are Missing

Are you receiving complaints and losing customers after their first purchase? Figure out why, as well as a solution here.

Retaining previous customers is one of the most important factors in increasing sales for any small business.

Are you losing your customers after their first purchase?

Nobody wants to order a product that they are excited about, expecting it within the week as the norms of this “two-day shipping” society dictate, only to realize that their shipment won’t be arriving for the better part of another month. If you are currently providing shipping speeds of between two and three weeks through your online dropshipping business, you are leaving customers high and dry, leaving them far from satisfied. Not only is the delay in shipping time aggravating for a customer based upon principle, but it also builds suspense for the arrival of the purchase, which if damaged during transit will seriously disappoint. A consumer that is receiving this treatment from your business, it is likely that this is the cause of your lack of return customers and complaints about long shipping periods.

How can you benefit from this?

So, why does this matter for your business? It is has been shown time and time again by the most successful operations in our industry that establishing a loyal customer base that return to the store to make second, third, fourth… purchases is a surefire plan for success. If a customer is satisfied with their experience with your company, which in dropshipping is largely dependent on the shipping process, they will be much more likely to order from you again. In addition, customer satisfaction is a free method of marketing, as the customers that are happy with their experience will be likely to share information about your business with their peers, who are in theory also members of your target demographic and will be likely to become your customers in the future. You are more than likely losing sales in your current operations if you are still dealing with poor shipping times and quality from Aliexpress and other Chinese suppliers, and there is one way to bring about change.

What is the solution to this problem?

Shipping from a U.S. supplier like VVS Fulfillment guarantees that your packages arrive between two to three days after shipment, guaranteeing that the customer will receive their package often before they are expecting it. This will increase the consumer’s overall satisfaction with your company, which is most often the most impactful thing when it comes to repeat customers. If they love your product, they will buy it once, but if they love your brand, they will return to buy other products, which only goes to show the importance of providing the ideal experience to the consumer.

In this business, everything boils down to sales. By increasing return customer rates, your business will increase sales significantly.

Via VVS Fulfillment, providing this service has never been more straightforward, and provides a number of other benefits, which are available here. Many of our clients do not realize initially how many sales they are losing because they are starting at a disadvantage due to extremely slow shipping times. Once they begin to use our services, many of those clients see a significant increase with the general popularity of their brand, which translates to similar increases in sales. Overall, by increasing customer satisfaction, your business will retain many more customers that will increase your sales and your revenues, boosting you to the success you are looking for.

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