Would You Like Fries With That?

It was our senior year of high school when my best friend and I started an ecommerce store.

For months we worked on the store intermittently making small improvements here and there, adding new products, creating new marketing campaigns, and then we made a store (and ultimately life) redefining improvement, we added Cross-Selling...

The idea is to make the customer spend more money they originally thought they’d spend.

Our sales went from $180-$220 a day to $580-$850 a day with no increase in ad spend. I'm not kidding. AOV (average order value) increased 40% overnight once we started using a cross sell app. There are many apps out there that work quite well, the one we used is Discounted Upsells ‑ Upsell by Booster Apps. We chose this one because it has a 7 day free trial was was only $19.99/month after but do your research and find one that looks like it will work well for you - just make sure you try one!

Our stores success can be mapped by a few but very critical moments;

1.) Adding Cross Sells - as discussed in this article. Took us from $250/day to $800/day

2.) 2-3 Day U.S. based Dropshipping Fulfillment - (We offer these services; Hoping to Earn your Business!). Took us from $800/day to $2000/day

3.) Promotional cards - ( small business cards included with each order offering a discount on a product matching what they ordered). Took us from $2000/day to $2400/day but greatly increased margins.

Best of luck!

If you have any question feel free to reach out Michael@VVSFulfillment.com and I will try to get back to you.

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