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It's Simple.

You worry about getting the sales, we take care of the rest.

We source your products and stock them in our US warehouse.

We integrate with your cart, fulfilling orders daily with 2-3 day shipping.

We send a notification to your  customer that their package is on the way.

Benefits of using VVSFulfillment

Increase sales by up to 10X

We’ll help you scale! We handle the inventory worries; you handle making sales and running your business.

Lower chargebacks by 97%

Our clients have seen a remarkable reduction in chargebacks(up to 96.5%), due to their orders arriving in days, not months.

Decrease shipping time by 90%

Nobody likes waiting, especially over 40 days for a package from China. We ship same day, and your customers will have their order in 3 days!

Increase sales by 10x

How can VVSFulfillment increase my sales by 10x?

A 5% increase in customer retention can improve a company’s profitability by 75%, according to Bain and Co. Yet many retailers continue to be more focused on acquisition and conversion than retention. Despite investing billions in acquiring shoppers online, digital commerce has created a “customer experience gap” for retailers who aren’t able to continue to engage customers during the critical moment after a purchase is made. Brands are learning the hard way that going MIA after customers click “buy” is a surefire way to lose loyalty.

But how do you increase customer retention?

Narvar surveyed 1,000 U.S. online shoppers between the ages of 18-65 right before the peak holiday shopping season. We wanted to hear directly from consumers what retailers should be doing to reduce anxiety and foster loyalty in the post-purchase shopping experience.

What we heard loud and clear

                Customers are looking for an effortless and transparent experience.

They value on-time delivery as the primary reason to frequent a retailer above all else (72%), including loyalty points or discounts. VVSFulfillment offers 2-3 day shipping on all orders.


They want an accurate delivery date when they place an order (60%), and also appreciate being notified when there is a delay (51%) or something else goes wrong.

VVSFulfillment delivers on and surpases all of these consumer expectations. Stop competing with small-ball China dropshippers and start competing with the big box retailers like Macys and JCPenny. VVSFulfillment is the vehicle by which you can accomplish this; bringing you, your store, and your brand to the next level.

Lower Chargebacks by 97%

     We have found the #1 reason for chargebacks among dropshippers was not fraud, but rather slow delivery time. The 15-40 day delivery time you get from those Chinese supplies simply doesn't cut it with today's consumer. Many of your customers will chargeback after 2-3 weeks, thinking they got scammed, costing you hundreds to thousands in lost revenue and chargeback fees. 

     In addition, a happy customer is a valuable customer. Change these customers who chargeback into customers who come to you to make many more purchases. Use VVSFulfillment today.

Decrease Shipping time by 90%

Get 2-3 day shipping for free as opposed to $28+ or upgrade to 2-3 day tracked shipping for as low as $1.22

No more 19-39 day shipping, use VVSFulfillment and get 2-3 day shipping for a happier customer every time.

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